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Metamorphosis:- a striking alteration in appearance, character, or circumstances. It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. For many, the eyes can tell a whole story on their own before even the beginnings of a word can be spoken. Eyes,...

Anonymous 11 months ago

What weather brews?

An unexpected storm changed everything

What weather brewed behind me? I knew not. Maybe snow? Could fog be rolling in? Then thunder clapped. Lightning skittered across the sky causing me to turn toward reality. The wind -- she -- embraced me. The rain -- she -- fille...

Tams 1 year ago


Some changes gladly never change.

Breezes usher in on an orchestrated serenade of autumn. It enters cool and sedated, as subtle as the high notes of a summer song. Where once the raucous of beach-laughter and jubilant screams blended with crashing surf, they now trail off, dissipating...

Anonymous 1 year ago

  DRAMATIS PERSONAE Santa Claus: a midwinter icon Hans Muff: a satyr The Boy: a curious lad The Archangel: a herald Befana: an old woman The Reindeer: an animal Chorus: peasants, angels    

Anonymous 2 years ago

The Board is changing. The Board will change is perhaps a better way to say it. When the Board changes, the game changes. And when the game changes, no one predicts the outcome because there are new rules in the game. No one can predict the...

Anonymous 3 years ago

I dream of a city where everyone are neighbors Knowing helping each other isn’t wrong And there is no race or color Where old ladies can feel safe and sound   I dream of a state that works as one Taxing people fairly and giving back w...

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I drifted to sleep and into a familiar dream.I saw you holding a glass of wine and smiling at a beautiful woman. She was dressed simply yet she was breathtaking. Her eyes were vibrant and honest; her smiles were pure and genuine. She laughed wit...

Is it time to leave?When do you know?You wait to see if change comes alongYou choose to make these changesWork, home, relationshipsWhich one comes first?Do they all need to change at once?Change is part of lifeIt's...

How can things change In the blink of an eye How do you stop loving Stop caring and longing Why do things have to be Either and or How can one learn to walk out the door To turn off emotions

TaliaRussell 6 years ago


It's just so hard to do . . .

Try it, you might like it It’s really not so rough Once you get the hang of itAnd practice just enough To some, it’s second natureOthers search the netStill others look to guidance books(Mine isn’t written yet)People will b...

frogprince 6 years ago

Cricket the Early Years Part 16

Sarah confronts Marcia. Marcia's life changes. High school looms on the horizon.

As the girls sat in Marcia's room, they talked about the party. Marcia asked, "I wonder what happened when the glitter bombs went off. Also how long did they wait until they discovered we left?" "I don't know, but I bet you will hear about it fro...