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Survivor 2 years ago

To Cherish Life

Such a brilliant choice

Would it be an easy choice? She didn't ask. We have no right to tell her what to do. She does what she is strong enough to do. Such a brilliant choice. To live. To live and be with those who love her. Those who will always admire her.

Crying in the night A warm breast Wailing wet and cold Bright colors fluttering above A painted ceiling chipped and cracked Hushed voices, muttering tones Slamming doors and epithets T...

gillianleeza 5 years ago

Drip, Drip, Drop

This is and isn't what you think it's about

Drip, drip, drop, I hear it hit the floor and I cryAll love that was, existed now and before is goneDrip, drip, drop, faster it flows, I just let it goThe pain caused, unrelenting it continues onDrip, drip, drop, pooling, p...

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“How ya doing?” I say to the empty chair next to me, like I actually expect it to talk back. It won’t, of course – I know it won’t – but there’s something refreshingly simple about being able to talk to inanimate objects and know they’ll never talk back....

We all fear somethingBe it the past, love, or acceptanceThere comes a time thoughWhen you have to let goTake the chanceThrow caution to the windOr be conservativeWait for the other shoe to dropLet it control youOr you c...

CKAcres 6 years ago

Not My Fault

Chains can be broken

"Not guilty, Your Honor.I'm incapable of accepting love from another. Incapable of giving love to another.Incapable of being happy with myself.Incapable of showing others compassion.Incapable of making lasting friendships.Incapable...

littlegirllost 7 years ago

Why Change?

We all resist change, preferring to blame someone else for our misery and wallow in self pity.

Why change anything in your life? Who cares about being happy? We just keep going around and around in circles Never getting anywhere Complaining and whining about how bad our lives are. Talking about how crappy things are Nobo...