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Winter's War

Winter's War

What is known by him and them about sacrifice when the lights go out, and when the darkness comes crashing down like an anvil? And then they wonder when some stand up when they launch their attacks, and don’t understand that when one has shed blood with another it makes them brothers forever and makes them one to be trusted. All in all, we continue to carry on knowing in most cases the life is more than what we are and at times it doesn’t matter whether we live or die. With some of us having been born to fight and take the situation outside, and on occasion having to fire those bullets of fire when we have been struck by sound across the face in an effort to try and drive the thoughts and choices from our heads.

Having been taught the doctrine of improvisation, and to be both invisible and visible as the great game is played in those silent shadow wars that have begun. Standing up when the odds are stacked having hope and faith to keep us carrying on through when time seems to be standing still and all is under attack. Making our way through these fields of destruction and in those baptisms of fire, hiding any form of suffering along with the feeling of fear from him, her, and them. With there being times when it feels as if fire is meeting gasoline threatening to burning out those it touches and still there are moments that feel like a descent into hell with no room for heroes, with there being on occasion my blood on you and your blood on me, but I would never make you bleed which is one of the things I would never do.

Many never seem to learn that there are those who will stand up and hold their ground when called out, and many a troublesome road having been followed, I know that there will be a time that I will reap what I have sown. Bad times come and go making one feel as if they aren’t on solid ground with it feeling if all things around are crumbling into the dust as they fall down. And once had some good old friends who were in a bottle who tried to help me erase those memories and sorrows and made me feel both warm and fine. Making me feel the fall when I tried to jump and had me enter those complicated shadows and the loss of nearly everything. Until I learned to accept and take all of the pain, and turned into both strength and power, and sharpening the senses to keep ego in check and being able to curb all emotion to go in for the kill knowing that some like you will understand.

Wondering if you will let go of my hand as I hope that you understand all that is happening as we make our way down the miles on down the line? Or is it just a dream of the last mile home? And I know I have gone where fools have gone and have found power in the strength I found to rise up out of the abyss, and have had some of my demons now saying rosaries after some of the angels I had protecting me defeated them soundly. And now coming to terms with having to live with memories, and wondering about those I failed to help or have left behind in some way, hearing those voices and questions on the wind. So bless me Father for I have sinned and have seemed to be always running on ice, and wondered how some dealt with all the ifs, ands, and buts. When I pushed their patience, and both their luck and mine?

Wondering at times if I would be better off dead or as a quitter and wondering if you could dream anything and if you would share it with me? We both know that old habits die hard and yesterday is gone like those tears in the rain or a tear drop in the sea, and just want tomorrow to be better than today. Knowing that there are some mysteries that are our saving grace, or possibly a touch of divine light we have been looking for. There is no limit that can’t be done, and you have looked into my eyes and seen beyond those fears that lie there and we both know that they belong to eternity as we continue making our way on down the line looking for the keys to those answers and avoiding those empty promises which are a cold comfort that try to replace the dreams that are carried.

You aren’t alone and I have been down these roads before and know that the Tao dictates all, and understand that this war has gone on long enough and we both have wished and prayed for the night to end. For that undone war still rages and stings just like opening our eyes to a rude awakening in the darkest hours, and holding on to memories and time as the night breaks .

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