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Writing, Hallowe'en, Music and More Writing

"I open a word document and I type. Result? Jumbled ramblings."

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You know that feeling that you wanna write, but you don’t know what, but you just open a word document and fucking write? That’s what I’m doing. I’m just gonna ramble. I know how much some of you like my rambling. I like it, too.

Tyops! No, typos. They were all over the shop, but I edited them out. Apart from the one at the start of this paragraph, that was intentional. Speaking of shop, get onto Facebook and search for “jewellery by kitty”. I’m about to post some jewellery there, so if you want some, get it! Seriously, I love making it.

I’m listening to Alive by Pearl Jam just now. Soon I’ll just be listening to the clacking of my own keys, ‘cause I hate the damned earphones I’ve got. Fuckers are terrible and I’m too bloody lazy to get up off my fat arse and get my good ones out of my jacket.

I want a glass teapot. Seriously, how cool are those things? Like they’re glass, so you can see through them. That’s cool in and of itself. Then there’s the fact that... They’re glass! Okay, I just want a glass teapot. No reason other than I think they’re cool.

Know what? I want to kick my sinuses. Been a bad week for them. I’ve been making like a zombie, which would be cool if it was Hallowe’en, but it ain’t. Yeah, I use an archaic spelling, get over it.

I’m dressing up as a bloody skeleton. Or skellington, as I call it. I love Hallowe’en. See, for me, it isn’t about going to doors and begging for sweets. There’s a form of Trick or Treating called guising.

Guising originated in Scotland. Folk were accustomed to poor people begging, but around Hallowe’en, the freaks all came out in their costumes. It was all in a bid to win some precious food for their starving families. You’d go dressed up as a spirit and perform a trick in order to get the treat, which gave rise to trick or treat, I suppose.

When guising, you carried a tumshie lantern around to scare the bad spirits away. A scary face carved into a hollowed out neep (also known as a turnip). Do you know how fucking hard it is to carve one of those things? Almost impossible. It’s horrible, but worth the effort.

Druids invented dookin’ for apples. Apples are sacred to Druids. I don’t know why. Most above all, it is to get rid of bad spirits and welcome the good ones. The point of dressing up as something scary is to drive away the bad spirits. It’s like an inside joke. Your (deceased) loved ones know it’s you and stay, but the spooks don’t, so they run away upon seeing you.

Hallowe’en is about family, reminiscing and looking forward to the next part of the year. It is a wholly religious and spiritual experience for me.

Cheapening it with tacky baubles and commercialism is annoying and crass. Okay, so the commercialism is good if you’ve not managed to make your costume in time, but generally, I don’t like it. Most people don’t even realise that they’re celebrating a Pagan festival.

I’m in danger of ranting about Pagans being maligned, but I’ve said it more eloquently in other writings, so I’ll leave it at that.

I’m gonna go and have a nap before I Skype with Aria. Have I mentioned recently how much I love her? Well, I do.

Okay, I’m going to have a wee rant on her behalf. Aria is a great writer, probably better than me. Or at least better at her chose genre. But, she needs feedback. No, she doesn’t want you tearing her story apart line by line, she doesn’t want you telling her the direction she should go in, she wants feedback about technical things like if she could said something better, or to cut back on the brutality and give us some normalcy. You know, gentle, but constructive stuff. Her Tomorrow series is close to her heart, and I’m pretty proud of it, too. That’s why she wants the criticism. She wants to improve and the best way to improve is to listen to your peers. It’s hard to listen to your peers when they don’t talk. So, next time you read one of Aria’s (colors_of_the_wind) Tomorrow series and see something you think needs improving, or something you really liked, tell her, but be gentle. She doesn’t bite (okay, she bites me, but that’s a different issue altogether),

So, yeah, I’m done here. Nap time.

Andrew =^.^=
Written by Circle_Something
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