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A Gnome Rhyme

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A Gnome Rhyme

One day I thought I’d take a walk, so I went down to the park.

I hoped to see a Robin or Wren, or even a Meadow Lark.

When suddenly I saw someone, appear before my eyes.

It was a Gnome all dressed in black; of this, I tell no lies.

I asked where he was going, and this is what he said.

He told me from his wedding, of which he now has fled.

I then asked what had happened, and why he ran away.

He told me that his bride-to-be had run the other way.

We were never ready for marriage; it was not yet meant to be.

But our father Gnome’s would not listen to us; their eyes refused to see.

When upon the Gnome tree altar, of which we would be wed.

I could see in my Gnome girl’s eyes, a life we both might dread.

She said to me that we should wait, and thus, we dashed away.

And as I passed by both our fathers, with a grin I said “Good-day.”

The Gnome girl I was to marry, had bolted the opposite way.

And now we both are running, and probably will all day.

I told him if he liked, I’d hide him at my house.

And if he wished, I’d do the same, for the girl, his almost spouse.

He thanked me for the offer. He said that would be nice.

He then produced a golden coin, saying, “Would this be enough of a price?”

I said the coin was unnecessary, that I considered him a friend.

And for a friend I’d be there for him, up to the very end.

We searched and eventually found his girl; she was hiding behind a rock.

The rock was near a very old church; on top, it was a clock.

The clock struck on the hour when I suggested we should head home.

And so we three, we did just that; me and my two Gnomes.

I noticed something as we walked; the two were holding hands.

I wondered what each was thinking; maybe they still had plans.

Love can be quite odd; it grows at its own time.

My walk this day is over now, as too is this Gnome rhyme.

Written by Pirate
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