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a house is not a home

"while reaching for your goals you turn your back on everyone"
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Published 8 years ago

a house is not a home- but just a place to rest your head

a house is not a home- when your heart and soul feels dead.

you go to that empty house with no one to greet you at the door

and with all the riches that you have-" you still feel poor".

riches don't buy happiness or fills that empty heart

it just makes you feel worse as it tears you apart.

you look around at the people who have so much less than you

but they have their loved ones and they know just what to do.

so you walk thru your empty house and you go from room to room

and in each one -all you feel is gloom.

you know that you have a heart-otherwise you would not feel what you do

and you know that you'll have to search for a love that will be true.

you sit on your chair and the tears flood your eyes

you're trying to be a man- you're trying not to cry.

but heartache has no preference as to who it will come to.

heartache is there to leave you sad and blue.

a house is not a home - you found that to be true

now the search begins -for someone to share their life with you.

(C) L . RAMS

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