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Kriselle 3 weeks ago

Lonesome Cafe

Without you, I'm so alone.

The morning is cold. My heart left empty,  yet still full of love,  so full of love for you.   I sit here now alone, with my heart in pain, yet so full of love for you.   My fingers tremble and...

JamesPBear 1 month ago


The Girl finds out how it is that no one has discovered a polar bear in the Rockies!

The Girl was exhausted by their deep discussion on the Nature of God, the universe, and reality. She was also recovering from what looked like a significant beating, which showed on her face, and the parts of her arms and legs that were visible. Bear...

Anonymous 8 months ago

Like A Feather Fallen

Awash in melancholy thought...

Separate from her comradesShe cannot soar, like they doCruely detached and condemned    To drift Inevitably toward  The darkness of the forest floor     Alone and cold    With bitter sickness  Filtering into damp decay  The leaf litter begins smother...

When I'm Alone

I hate when he travels...

Little things see me through the times when I’m alone. I slip on your t-shirt and inhale the faint scent of your cologne. Silly, I suppose, but it helps. I hug my pillow and hold on to the thought that you won’t be gone forever. The grandfather clock...

Anonymous 1 year ago

Unsaid Words

A letter to the most special person, that will never reach him!

Woke up with the thought of the dilemma that segregated us apart. I felt as if the needles are piercing on my feeble heart. I jotted down everything with a beautiful prospect that my pure thoughts and fondness will bring you back. But, I deleted ever...

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Anonymous 1 year ago

Am I not Alone?

Another Perspective of Loneliness..

Straddling in a secluded room. Scrolling through social media sites, I caught glimpses of my mates sharing pictures together with captions "My roomie"," My constant". I attempted to be social, I am implicated with many clubs and groups. I talk with p...

Anonymous 1 year ago

Leap of Faith

Just another Valentine's Day

For a second or two after waking, she was lulled by the atavistic relief that comes from surviving another night. Then Faith remembered what day it was, and reality shouldered aside her absurd peace of mind. Resigned to her destiny, she reluctantly a...

The world around,bustle and noise.People running,never slowing.You are taught,smile and press on.Day to weeks,then turns to years.One's darkness slowly creeps,as the drapes drop down.O it may be high noon,but darkness feasts.All around people hurry,w...

There is this place. Magical. Mythical. Legendary. A place where, The breeze is warm. Where the scent of lavender fills the air. A place where, When you close your eyes, Only the hum of bees, And the chirping of birds is heard. There is this place. W...