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An unwanted guest,,,,

"A poem"
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The age was just grey.
Time had not really started.
The meaning of life,
had not been imparted.

All days rolled in one.
A never-ending strife.
Through monotones, I'd created,
My meaning of life.

Each day I awoke,
with a solitary goal.
Survive until sleep
and live through this hole.

Some days I had planned
to aid with deaths calling.
To just throw my hand
and watch the cards falling.

But then our paths crossed.
You showed me a light.
A friend in the darkness.
A meaning to fight.

Our souls were both broken.
Two fighters in black.
Both battling the shadows
and pushing them back.

We soon came to realise
that soul mates were found.
Our ideals were together.
Our spirits profound.

We fell hard for each other.
As lovers are prone to do.
Where before was one fighter,
now we fought both as two.

We made love for hours
Our souls now entwined.
Your heart, warm, inviting.
A miraculous find.

You gave me a reason
and meaning for passion,
Where before in my life
it was always on ration.

But what always happens,
where problems are tackled?
We were there laughing,
whilst God had just cackled.

The first carcinoma
was small non-invasive.
The talk of non-worry
was bold and persuasive.

A small cause for upset
but not really more
A quick course of treatment
would settle the score.

But whilst you were fighting
this unwanted host.
With your spirit not dwindling
because you're stronger than most.

A second lump awakened.
This time, it was moving
as if God was now taunting
the love we were proving.

So now you are fighting
as never before.
The angels aware 
that you can do no more.

But let this not define you!
It's not who you are
As long as you're fighting,
there'll be only a scar.

Challenge each day.
Ensure it's seen through.
It was the key to survival
for me before you.

And know that in your case.
You're never alone.
I'll walk there beside you
and carry you home.

Through this menage a trois
My love will stay true
until once again,
It's only us two.

You just have to fight
and treat this small beast,
as an unwanted diner
who's sharing loves feast.

And no matter what happens
Through the tears yet to fall
You can rely on me darling
To give you my all.


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