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Perpetual Beauty

In those desperate moments, it takes another to see the beauty in ourselves

Gentle gazeAmazed -I seek your wisdom Your ways of thinkingI am drinking up your wondrous lightYet you sit silently bleedingIntent on believing -Your light has fadedLeft you jadedBut all I seeLooking at meIs a radiant ray of perpetual beauty  

Thanks Pal

It's always nice to feel supported by your friends!

In celebration of our camaraderie, I’d like to thank you for always been so friendly and supportive. You congratulate me on every achievement, and read my stories, offering free advice. I enjoy sharing this cozy space with you, my friend.

By My Side

After a very long road trip I question my mind

I am tryingbut three days in a carmake my progress seem very farThankfully the seahas come to my rescue again.Salt air, endless ocean views are friendsPatience you continue to showmile after mile day after dayEventually helping me find my wayI question ag...


Precious moments shared …..

Although we haven’t known each other longI enjoy curling up in your lapListening to you shareStories memories from your past. Each moment sharedLearning something newThat reveal precious detailsAbout the inner workings of your heart. The softly spoken wor...

The age was just grey.Time had not really started.The meaning of life,had not been imparted.All days rolled in one.A never-ending strife.Through monotones, I'd created,My meaning of life.Each day I awoke,with a solitary goal.Survive until sleepand live th...

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"You're married?" Susan exclaimed. I felt a hole where my stomach should have been. I saw the look of shock and horror across her face. Then a pained look took over her whole body. I broke out in a cold sweat. I couldn't imagine hurting this woman and I b...


Apart but not separate

 I see you across the canyon, Unable to hold you tight. I can't help with your distress, Try as though I might. Feeling your hurt inside me, I reach out with my mind. Trying to make you hear me. Thoughts of ours in kind. I love you more than words, And ho...

Free hugs

To cheer up a loved one.

Hush, my dear, don't say a word. I feel your pains that have occurred.Come close to me and rest your head,I'll hold you tight, scatter your dread. I know you so well; all your fears,Those you call flaws; I hold dear.Not weak at all, so strong and so smart...


To a wonderful man

When I am drowningThird time downSeas close overheadYou retrieve meBring me roundBanish every dread There is no doubtYou’ve not reversedNo pain you’ve let me bearOnce I share my hidden angstAnd once you are aware Despite your full and busy lifeYou go so f...