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As I remember...

"In loving memory...."
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Published 10 years ago
Hands warm mine with a gentle touch,
I lift them, touching my lips to each palm in turn. 
A wistful smile playing at the corner of my mouth
As I remember…

Your perfume lingers in the room, 
Modest, yet exotic; it suits you well. 
The fragrance subtle, still it overwhelms me
As I remember…

A wisp of your jet black hair
Had fallen across your beautiful face.
I brush it back with trembling fingers
As I remember…

Leaning in, I touch my lips to yours.
They are warm and soft,
My breath catches in my chest
As I remember…

I stroke your cheek adoringly,
You look so peaceful, so serene.
Tears threatening to spill
As I remember…

I know that I should leave,
You need your rest... need your peace,
But I find it hard to let go
As I remember…

Hand clutching yours one last time
Before I reluctantly let go.
I rise from your side,
As I remember…

Tears flowing freely now
As I turn to leave.
I cannot take that first step
As I remember…

Turning back, I gaze upon your slumbering form,
Desperately needing to burn your image into my mind
Like a tattoo branding my consciousness for all eternity, 
So I can remember…

One last deep burdened breath
As I wipe my tears and step through the door.
I have to be strong for them, 
But I will remember…

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