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Goodbye Stories


The Day I Said Goodbye

It is "bama pi" not goodbye.

The day I said goodbye My life crashed I felt worthless I felt trashed. The day I said goodbye I prayed for the truth You kept your mask You hid from me the sooth. The day I said goodbye I lost my faith I no longer knew you It was like you're a wraith. Th...



I hate goodbyes

Goodbye Nothing was said, but every word has been forgotten, like so much that went before, and from that moment I learned one thing, I hate goodbyes   Forgotten,  like the smell of your perfume  dabbed lightly on your collarbone applied softly,  and to t...

Dear Lover

Sometimes love is not enough.

Dear Lover,just one last timetake me into your armshold me close.Love me.Remind me of the reasonsthe reasons I should staythough we both know,I must walk away.You deserve more than I can givelove and adorationshould be the goalfor me,I'm just trying to su...


Rest in peace, one of the only men who will ever live in my heart.From the first time I opened my eyes, you were there, with a grin so big nothing could erase it.When I turned 3 and mom walked away, you looked at me and said: "It's you and me against the...

I Don't Have The Words

For Paul my late husband and father of my young children who died 10th May 2016

I don't have the words To say how I feel You are gone I don't have the words Nothing seems real It feels wrong I don't have the words It seems so surreal Like a song I don't have the words Death has no appeal Your life is gone I don't have the words The w...

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I Can Now Set You Free

I've wasted enough time.

I see what you've becomeYou have to take shots at me I sure hope you think you wonI can finally break free It’s so easy for me to say goodbye The straw finally broke the camel's backI shall never think of you again or cry This was the last attack I wish y...

The brilliance of the light, reflecting freshly showered grass, is hypnotically intriguing. Blade by blade of subtle innateness, a dew drop now has passed. Comely daisies softly dancing, the breeze is singing its song. Mesmerizing the senses, the petricho...

Never Lost

But in my heart is a memory and there you'll always be.

Are goodbyes part of letting go?When loss breaks our hearts so. Loved ones never leave our mind.Constant ache, thrashing so unkind. Feeling part of our world has vanished.Can tear stained cheeks be banished? Though loss we're not rejoicing thus.Friends tr...

The house plant

A distinct memory and musing from my sister's death.

It lay forgotten in a pile of scattered potting soil, the green spider leg-like leaves splayed across the cream colored carpet. It was the only thing out of place in the room, apart from her absence, the humming and puffing of one machine, and the intermi...

A Goodbye Letter to a Good Friend

All Relationships End in Great Tragedy.

Right now I want to rage as only another redhead can understand. We have only known each other for a few weeks but I think we both felt a connection. I tried to keep myself from becoming too emotionally attached to you too fast but I guess I failed misera...

Our lust once divine Our love still a treasureOur souls for ever as oneOur beings each others support I want you to be mineI crave for your pleasureI lied, your lust undoneI fucked up, my life cut short You I want to enshrineYou were my Zephyr You I see m...