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Broccoli And Cake

"a fun rhyme"
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Published 6 years ago
Broccoli And Cake

After a long day at play, I came in for a meal.
On my plate was Broccoli, “Hey! What’s the deal?”
“It’s good for you.” Mom said to me, and I’d better eat it now.
My stomach didn’t want it though, and decided to have a cow.
“Oh mom, I’m feeling sick;” to her I tried a lie.
Hearing the fib she turned to me and gave me the ‘All-knowing eye’.
She did not say a word to me, simply walked out of the room.
Uh-oh! I thought to myself, for I could sense the ‘All-mighty Doom’.
When she came back into the kitchen, I saw a bottle in her hand.
It was the infamous Castor oil, as feared; of this no kid could stand.
In went the vegetable and I chewed it real hard.
It was the yuckiest vegetable I’d ever eaten, yuckiest by far.
With thumb and finger I held my nose and tried to choke it down.
Mom smirked and then she laughed at me, for I must have seemed the clown.
Well, I didn’t die, as I had feared, though given time I might.
My contorted face a ghastly picture; I must have been a sight.
Mom then returned to the icebox and pulled something else out.
Fear of another vegetable assault, I could only sit and pout.
But as she turned around, and I saw what she had.
I smiled happily to myself, for sad had turned to glad.
In her hands she held, a most delicious chocolate cake.
Of my stomach, it was forgotten, along with the tummy ache.
I looked up into mom’s eyes, and gave her a great big smile.
For she knew I’d eat the Broccoli, yes she knew it all the while.
Moms can be like that, you know, and this I think I’ll say.
Of her meal of Broccoli and cake; we’ll, I guess it was OK.

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