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Getting A Little Heiny

Sometimes we’ve done a better job than we think we’re doing…

Camping. Love it or hate it, it sucks. Rainy tent erection. Sucks. Boisterous drunken neighbours. Sucks. Mosquitoes. Every single one of them sucks. What doesn’t suck are the shared lasting memories that are both measurable and immeasurable. The indelible...

My Rock Star Prince

My little rock star is growing up

Oh where did the time go  My rock star  From cribs and rocking chairs  Long, sleepless nights  Lullabies that only Mommy can sing  To  Xbox video games, girls and cars  And 'Mom, I'll call you later' So many dreams to dream Keeping dreaming big dreams  Yo...

My Little Pumpkin Princess

My princess is all grown up

Oh wow  Where did the time go  From sippy cups and cribs  And Mommy watch this  To  Boys and trucks and no mommy  My mini me  in every way  Now its wedding plans and big dreams  Picking up AJ's toys and singing lullabies You have grown into a wise young l...

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The year is 2547 and kids still complain about taking their lessons.

“Aw Mom,” whines Jeremy. “Do I have to take history? I hate history.” “Yes, you must take it this term.” “But history always leaves...” Jeremy thinks, “a bad taste in my mouth.” “I know dear, but we all have to do some things that are unpleasant at times,...

Ramblings of a Madman by kscorn080 (pete)

Elders must stay on the sidewalk, leave those kids alone.

Ramblings of a Madman by kscorn080 (pete) I took a walk one fine fall day Stopped for a bit, to watch some kids at play They were playing a game called tackle the man All were piled onto a kid named Dan I kinda felt sorry for the little guy Cause he had g...

Old Bill

A story of an old man being a friend with kids

A poem written by kscorn080(Pete), long, long ago Old Bill The old man sat on the porch step The children all gathered around He told them stories about his life Concerning wealth that he'd never found He told them stories about his dogs and his cats Some...

Broccoli And Cake After a long day at play, I came in for a meal. On my plate was Broccoli, “Hey! What’s the deal?” “It’s good for you.” Mom said to me, and I’d better eat it now. My stomach didn’t want it though, and decided to have a cow. “Oh mom, I’m f...