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1 year ago

Christmas mix

Random thoughts on Christmas

All the images of Christmas past run together like the mix for some sumptuous fruit cake, from which the crumbs will scatter memories, trivial and momentous, garnished by the flow of years. Each crumb falling, out of any natural sequence, so that youth ov...

6 years ago

Broccoli And Cake After a long day at play, I came in for a meal. On my plate was Broccoli, “Hey! What’s the deal?” “It’s good for you.” Mom said to me, and I’d better eat it now. My stomach didn’t want it though, and decided to have a cow. “Oh mom, I’m f...

6 years ago

Therapy Homework Assignment #1: Feelings

In which an aspiring youngish writer is denied cake by fascists.

“What did you learn from this?” My therapist talking. She thinks that there are lessons in everything. My answer? “Next time, cut vertically, not horizontally. Also, white wine goes much better with sleeping pills than red.” I’m planning on working this i...

7 years ago

7-Up Cake - A Silly Sonnet

For Granny Mamie, thanks for showing me the recipe.

Three cups refined sugar fresh, sweet, and white,Three sticks of butter creamed in a fusion.Three eggs to blend, bind, and whip the delight.Now, add flavor to avoid exclusion. Add flour; stir slow for moistness to thrive. Pour in three-fourths cup of 7-Up...

Cass was lying on her bed, looking up at the ceiling. It was summer, and she’d been looking forward to it, but this year, there was nothing to do. She heard her parents’ footsteps as they came up the stairs, so she slid under her duvet. The door opened an...