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Demon Rum

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A haze of glowing warmness struggles

To breach the seal that covers my eyes

This sultry light is unnervingly bright

And tugs at my lids; commanding them to rise

Hastily I aim to assist the light’s endeavor

By expanding the narrow slits with my hands

But my shattered arms refuse to comply

And remain still; defying my commands

Defeated, I descend into myself

Resisting the impulse to weep

So, resigning myself to another day of darkness

I give in and drift off to sleep

Hours have lapsed, perhaps even days

Since I encountered this unfortunate fate

And warnings of this very eventuality

Crash my mind at an unwavering rate,

Worried friends and family advised,

“You shouldn’t drink so much!”

But I’d just scoff and blow them off,

“I decide when I’ve had enough!”

And so my reckless reveling continued

As the nights turned into days

Deceiving my loved ones and often myself

Feigning sobriety in a booze suffused haze

So now as I lie in this broken state

Death tolling its ominous chime

I curse my liquid nemesis

And grieve for a life once mine

But, that is neither here nor there

My redeeming moments have waned
Though I pray that my end is not for naught

And through my death a life might be saved

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