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Alcoholism Stories


What's Your Poison?

Coping has many flavors but one directive

Sorrow eats the worm at the bottom of the bottle with a kind of parasitic fermentation that now poisons the mind into thinking they are free that they have control over their life that they are whole as long as they keep drinking as long as they keep drin...

Step Nine, Making Amends

Family drama of disrespect and lies that leads to homelessness

Step Nine, Making Amends When I was young, I did realize what was going on with my "Mother". Now I know she never really loved my brother and me. First of all, I confess that I was a difficult child. But my brother was perfect. No, that's not just everybo...

A haze of glowing warmness struggles To breach the seal that covers my eyes This sultry light is unnervingly bright And tugs at my lids; commanding them to rise Hastily I aim to assist the light’s endeavor By expanding the narrow slits with my hands But m...