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Dia De Los Muertos

"A celebration of death of an old life"

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Staring at my own reflection 
The face revealed is dead inside 
Eyes have become cold and shallow 
The spirit that lived there has died 

I've let you do this to me 
There’s no one to blame but myself 
Believing in what should be love 
I put my own life on a shelf 

You took all I had to offer 
And gave it a sly little nudge 
But it wasn’t you loving me
For it’s only you that you love 

There is nowhere to go now but up 
Since there’s not a thing left to lose 
Decisions now have to be made 
To go for the life that I choose 

The dark nothingness that is left 
Gives me back such strength and power 
For my spirit has become reborn 
My soul opens up like a flower 

It’s time now to murder the past 
To allow my phoenix to spawn 
I’m ready to start this new life 
And to face this glorious dawn

**This year marks the 20 year anniversary of my leaving a toxic relationship which happened to coincide during the Mexican holiday, Dia De Los Muertos which honors those no longer living. It was my hope to create something special and inspiring to those who have experienced or are experiencing this situation. **
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