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I am a performance artist who loves to create.

I love to dance and create. I study dance of many forms. I also like to write, read, kick box and I am drawn to the dark and wild side. I love food and good wine, beer and rum. I am absolutely in love with life and love to laugh. I love to make great connections with good people.

Favorite Books
I love true crime, fantasy, uplifting, biographies and spiritual books. A good fiction is always good like the alchemist, harry potter and dragon stories.

Favorite Authors
Paolo Coello, Don Miguel Ruiz and oddly John Grisham and Anne Rice.

Favorite Movies
The Ring, Dogma, Amelie, Role Models, Paul, Harry Potter, The Conjuring, Shawn of the Dead, Tombstone, Shindler's List, Django, Marvel Movies, disney Movies, Nightmare Before Christmas, anything from Tim Burton,

Favorite TV Shows
The Walking Dead, Two Broke Girls, Better Call Saul, American Horror Story, Dexter, Adam Ruins Everything, Drunk

Favorite Music
Metal, Flamenco, Hard Rock, More Metal, Opera, Heavy Metal, Gothic, Death Metal, Grind Metal, Nu Metal, Blues, hard core metal. hey did I mention I really like metal?

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Our eyes can be deceptive when viewing oneself

I have been at war with my body for as long as I can remember. My mind always asking the body, "Why can't you just be what I want?" and my body asking, "Why can't you love me as I am?" If this was a relationship between two people, it would be seen as abu...