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AnnaMayZing 3 years ago

My Princess

Why do you look so sad, as you stare out from the screen?

My Princess Why do you look so sad, as you stare out from the screen?Why do you look so sad, with beauty like I have never seen?You do not belong here, with those eyes so beautiful and blue.You do not speak yet I see into the heart...

Survivor 3 years ago

Are they There

My fingers are numb

And after we're gone who'll remember to care Despair waiting there for the loss all will bear For the loss  For the loss They show love and despair We will never return But remember to care Knowing despair that is already there ...

AnnaMayZing 4 years ago

The Nurses. Chapter 38

The red faced sailor quickly pulled up his pants and saluted.

H.M.S. Lakhota, March 8th, 1941.  The following morning, Maria and Katarina attended the sick parade as they had the day before but this one was a little different. Instead of having no patients, th...

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Rumple_deWriter 5 years ago

More Than Just A Kiss: pt 10, Turning A Page

Gwen stared into space, unable, unwilling to accept what she’d heard, much less its implications

Outside, a scattering of forlorn leaves clung to the dark, wet limbs of trees bordering the deserted playground and half-empty parking lot behind the red brick apartment building. Cold, misty rain and swirling winds hastened the inevitable outcome of this...

I see you there, alone and still and I know it's you I'm going to kill. You look at me and see me near, I shout at you but you don't hear. It's not my wish, to make you die, It's up to you, and you know why! You've made your...

Akizuki 6 years ago

A Vampire's Lullaby Chapter 6

I hope it seems full of despair

Ch. 6: Memory and Truth Crystal carefully approached the newborn, "Alex? Can we talk?" He didn't answer. She knelt down and embraced him. "I'm not sure what happened. But, it hurts, doesn't it?" Still no answer. Instea...

Buz_Bono 6 years ago

American Cinderella aka Route 66 Heartbreak

You're not a true cowboy until your heart gets tossed into the desert.

Cinderella, oh Cinderella, I heard you went to the ball. You pranced and danced, twisted and shook your booty. In grand fashion, my Cinderella, you tripped the light fantastic. Dolled up, long legs and juicy red lips, you went...

No. Nothing is wrong. Go away. Go away. Please...don't stay. Is it time to get up.Is it that time again. To get up. It's dark inside. Is it time to get up. It's time for me to think. I need to think....