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"anything can be a double entendre, if you're wired right"
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Okay, so you went back to work. I went back to work. Reading neurosurgery, specifically anterior cervical fusion (spinal).

But I can't concentrate.

It's all your fault. Not angry, I don't do angry, generally.

I'm squirming, a little. And laughing.

Laughing at my undisciplined mind, at my ridiculous infatuation with someone I'm unlikely to ever meet face-to-face. We could be imaginary lovers . . . or already are.

So here's how it goes. See if you can follow. "(The Caspar) distractor is used to expose the converging posterior lips of the superior and inferior (endplates) ...(The posterior) annulus is temporarily left in place as a protective shield...meticulously drilled...until reduced to thin shells...(The posterior) longitudinal ligament is completely...from side to fully expose and decompress..."

Anatomy as long-distance foreplay. Distracted, converging, lips (repeated many times), superior and inferior (positions), annulus (such a lovely word), protective shield (temporarily), met-i-cu-lous-ly drilling, until reduced to thin shells, and your longitudinal completely exposed and decompressed, after some side to side. And you didn't even need to put pen to paper in this case.


See my problem?


- RunswithScissors (aka, Run-onSentences) 

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