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I had dined that evening with the playwright, author, Oscar Wilde.  He was married and had a family but he was in a relationship with Lord Alfred Douglas, son of the Marquess of Queensberry. "Need I say more..." They became flirtatious and the innuendo...

genievamp 8 years ago

Musical Memories

A lost lover remembered through the musical notes played on a piano.

Sharlene sat at the piano for what seemed like hours, staring at the keys. She reminisced of times spent with Klyde. She began fingering the keys and notes she never heard before began to play. She closed her eyes and images played in her mind as the mus...

Heel 8 years ago

That evening I drank two glasses of ouzo. Usually I drink only one but that evening I drank two. For once. And maybe that’s why I had a strange dream. Or maybe the cause was rooted in the green salad I stuffed myself with. If so, then the nitrates definit...