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I was akin to darkness
Secluded from the norms 
Disconnected from conventions 
Until you lit a match 

It sparked up the world around me 
Casting shadowed figures 
That foretold of endless possibilities 
A chance for invigorating adventures 

However, I did not foresee, 
That you would toss the match at me
Igniting the clothing I wore 
Burning away layers like never before 

The cloth quickly turned to ash on my skin
You sat back watching with a grin
The flames grew larger until I was engulfed
My eyes watered and my body pulsed 

My complexion went from red to black 
Scorched skin melted off my bones
I croaked with an agonizing groan
“I want my body back”

As the fire gnawed through my inverted interior
My skeleton became brittle
I began falling apart little by little
Collapsing into something inferior

Transformed into a pile of embers 
You added kindling to keep me aflame
I kept you warm all through your Decembers 
Yet it is I that carries the blame 

Without a whisper, you chose to split
It has been days since you last added to the pit
There wasn’t much of me left regardless
I was but a dim glow in the blackness

A week passed by in a blur 
Abruptly a transfiguration began to occur 
The final ember shattered and broke
And I became smoke 

Twirling and whirling through the midnight air
Scattered clouds of my essence swirled everywhere
Untethered from the restrictions of gravity 
I embraced my unprecedented incorporeality

Written by SilverJaye
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