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Honor turns to Respect

"finding respect and honor"
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This is willingly being posted due to a friend I have found here
thank you
bless you, Vani.


a hurried life as I run through not looking
not caring as my grief turns to hate
of others...
Of HER doctors and yes hate of myself
most do not know of that dark path
as I freely gave my soul

one day turns to night as I surf the net
read a short story, my soul growls
drink of sex, lust and more, feed your
dark hungry soul, so I stayed and stayed
then spring turns to July as in the 18th

what grand plan did the great one have
for this so troubled and hungry soul
read and go to chat and read again
finding this one so pure in the darkness
yes finding you as you found me
an angel from afar, wings of gold

quick hi how are you turns to chat
chats turn to talk as you give your all
heart with love then soul you give
respect and honor you so shine

as a friendship grows, turns to blossom
lies and hate fill our ranks
games of how, who and why
so do try to tear

one sunny day you so call
leave with me for I have found a place
write, read with flare where the sun shines
so as this ending draws near

you honor me with your love
you challenge me to keep your respect
dark heart thrown out
sun and love run anew

honor and respect
bless you my angel


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