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They called you King Edward. You were King of your ground.  Whether we were lonely, joyful, worn-down, or heartbroken, riding down the highway of life, with a switch of the radio, you could fill days with illusions to match any mood. There were colors spi...

Honor: Lost and Found

A leader searches for honor in the middle of World War Three...

HONOR LOST AND FOUND Kaydyn Ramirez stared at the empty room in dismay and anger. For a few seconds, she was completely still, absorbing the scene and the implications that went with it. Then she slammed the heel of her hand into the doorframe in frustrat...

A gentleman's honor is his word,Our honor must be great as you words hold power.Your words can excite and indulgeYour words can punish and hurtYour words are what I live forYour honor I hold in high regardFor you are a gentleman Nick

She is resting in the master bedroom. It has been a long day. They are all long days now. The medicines help. They do. They go away. She stays, as do I. Tomorrow will be like today. The medicines will help. Then they will go away. And we will stay Togethe...


my pledge to you

Pledge my solemn oath pledge you may call for you have let our love grow from friendship to lovers to soul mates we did become started with two hearts and souls now there is but one heart one soul built on love and respect she beats strong being a mortal...

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Honor turns to Respect

finding respect and honor

This is willingly being posted due to a friend I have found here thank youbless you, Vani. HONOR turns to RESPECTa hurried life as I run through not looking not caring as my grief turns to hateof others...Of HER doctors and yes hate of myselfmost do not k...

The Black Granite Wall

The Vietnam war memorial

The Black Granite Wall I stand in solemn awe, staring at names etched into this polished black granite wall. Too many names can not read them all, nor can I contain myself tears begin to fall. These men and women who left husband, wife, children alone to...