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I am the villain.

I am the villain.

Let him who has ears to hear.

"Repent for your sin against your brother!" But what brother have I sinned against,
for surely he and I are no longer brothers.
Or so I didn't say, for of a truth I held little quarrel against him.

"If 'twas another man, you would've been of a gentler tongue with he!
'Tis the truth! Unadulterated and pure, of the like you cannot deny!"
I'll remember how you seized my words and beat them into blades,
How ye who claims to be my friend has taken arms against me.
But I shall tell you this, the Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.
A grievous word stirreth strife, but a soft answer turneth away wrath.

"I hold no quarrel with you, in peace do I come only requesting a forgiveness offering to our brother."
'Tis wonderful to hear, I'll remember this when you take sharpened words against me.
Again I say to you, if I have sinned against God, then let HIM strike me!
If I have not, then woeful is that day (for you who lacks understanding)!
In parables did I speak, and for Holy verses did you mis-perceive them.
'Tis a laugh that I can almost hear you pulling out a Sacred Text.

"Come and let us reason together."
And thusly I shall speak in parables, for 'tis a matter for which my tongue is unfit.
Hear therefore mine parables, and reason amongst yourselves,
you and your brothers (the ones whom I have offended).

"Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you."
Your misuse of the Word of My God and lack of understanding of mine speech is most vexing.
Of a truth this doth offend me.
But yea, I will tell you a parable, you shall be Samson and your destroyer Delilah,
though she shall not be named, in this I shall test thee,
if you understand my speech I will know you come in God's name,
if you fail to perceive the depths of my words,
you have come to strike me so that you might escape the harlot's pains.

"Rejoice not over me, O my enemy, for when I fall, I shall rise when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light to me."
Wonderful news, that ye hath confirmed unto me the ignition of hostilities.
Indeed, you have told me that I am thine enemy.
And then you would tell me that I am an enemy because I make myself one,
but if not me then who?
And you come for a peace offering and forgiveness offering, yet 'twas not thine brother who struck me first?
Yet still you do not perceive my parable, for if you did, you would've questioned yourself first and foremost.

I doth tell thee, "You cannot prevent war AND prepare for it. Get off your high horse."
And you tell me I'm giving you wonderful Bible verses as if rebuking a demon,
when in truth I'm speaking parables to test a hypocrite.
I command you to strike me with the Sword of God,
with the Word of the Lord I desire to be brought down!
Yet ye bring a list of railing accusations,
unlike Michael who rebuketh with authority.
Then you call me a warmonger, and a liar, and unforgiving,
and that thine brother is in great pain and suffering,
yet ye knoweth not mine own sorrow?
The sorrow of being judged and cast aside by my own friend when I am being cut down by another?
The sorrow of being alienated and demonized for warning thee of a whorish woman?
Thine brother can show thee tears,
but must hide from me?
And now you tell me, not all men are as strong as me?

Now knoweth I that you empty your heart at will against me!
Did I not preach to you in tears that day, of mine own weakness?
Of mine feebleness and remorsefulness?
And now it is that thine brother cannot face me for he knoweth not God but I do?
O ye hypocrite, if thou wast my friend, thou wouldst have known that because I am not strong I need God.

And now he and I are in the same vessel,
and I am weakening him as opposed to strengthening him,
when he has never once spoken directly to me or I to him?

And when I say, "Tell him to speak to me face to face if he wants to be my friend."
I am insensitive for not considering his fear or his pain?
And thusly thou knowest that I am of a better being than this?
Laughable, for I am not a better man than this.
Bring him to me, that we may speak man to man.
And by proxy he refuses and refuses,
until your brother sees that he cannot win without confronting me.
And now he accepts, as a last resort, and thou still proclaim with a loud voice my evils.

"And if you didn't realize I don't like when anyone makes my friends feel bad about themselves regardless of who it is it could be one of my bestfriends. Meaning you, if you didn't realize."
Look how he insults me so, he implies I lack the depth to perceive his implication!

"That sword is two-edged. It swings back to you, as well as me."
A final test to see if you can perceive my sayings.

"Then Imma grab that bitch by the blade to protect my friends."
Thou hast missed the shot, by a legion did thine arrow miss.
By a legion thou hast risen against me.

"It's good to know I ain't one of your friends."
I withdraw my heart from this battle,
cooling my spilled, boiling blood.

And now you serenade me with tales of how thou hast stood against many for my sake,
how thou art likened unto a guardian angel,
unseen but ever-present,
so why then dost thou turn against me when thou shouldst have no allegiances?
You tell me it is because I cannot let go of past hurts,
that I am mislead by the belief that you have risen up against me?
That fighting me is just some misconceived device by which thou shalt be exalted?
When I did speak these sayings, were you not shunned by the truth therein?
Did you not weep for your wrongs and beg forgiveness?
And now you simply throw them about, not knowing you're still executing those mischievous techniques?

Hail and well met! For war I did arm myself.
In bitterness of heart did I draw myself away,
in anxious expectation I donned my gothic armor and drew my tempered blade.
I listened and learned as you sang like a viper,
begging the venomous question as I tested you and tried you.
Your blade is ill-tempered, your armor is broken,
for a Jezebel you have struck at me, guising as a defender of a hurt brother.
'Tis amazing how your guise has fooled even thou!

But all along I proclaimed myself to be evil.
I asked to be smitten with the Word of the Lord my God,
and you denied me that right.
I bared unto thee my arms, I revealed to thee my readiness for war and made no pretense of it.
Damned hypocrite! You claim to prevent war yet you prepare for it and even ignite it!

For I am the villain, I do not feel pain.
When I do, it is dishonorable and childish grudgings against thee.
If only thou didst know the pain that is my coat of arms.
If only wouldst learn the sorrow that is my colors.
But nay, for thou art a noble hero,
striving against this dishonorable villain.

Ye whose name doth mean "Rich King",
woe unto thee for taking arms against this dark knight,
and exposing the darkness that lays privily beneath thine shining plates.

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