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Cayman Islands


"Never surrender, always fight, should you fall, it shall be with your hands at the throat of your enemy... When you encounter an enemy, he is your mistakes, he is your bad decisions, do to him what you would've done to yourself for such stupidity!" - My alter-ego to myself.

Girls, Martial arts, Demonology, Fitness, Strong opponents who I can respect,

Favorite Books
Dresden Files, Hunger Games Series, Guardians of Ga'Hoole series, Bible, Apocrypha

Favorite Authors
Keiji Inafune, Suzanne Collins, Jim Butcher, ever man and/or woman who wrote the books of the Bible,

Favorite Movies
Starship Troopers Trilogy, Star Wars Saga, IRobot,

Favorite Music
Eminem, Lecrae, Megaman X and Zero OSTs,
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Ni Shagu Nazad! Not One Step Back! Chapter Three

Sasha and Viktor survived the harrowing beginnings of the push for Red Square. Though unarmed.

I shut my eyes as I swiped a blob of blood off of my forehead. The maddening roar of the German machine-guns was robbing me of my sanity as I sat there in the blood-soaked mud behind the truck, watching Viktor as he glanced about the battlefield. I could...

Ni Shagu Nazad! Not One Step Back! Chapter Two

Unarmed and terrified, what will the unsung heroes do?

I ducked my head to my knees as four bullets pinged on the truck. More men screamed and wept as the machine-guns ruthlessly tore into their bodies. "God dammit!" Viktor shouted. "We need weapons!" "We can't get any weapons without getting shot!" I shouted...