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Thoughts and dreams and wonderment

A questing thought occurred with a restless glimpse across the arcade at her face. In the background, the rat-a-tat-tatt bing-a-bing-a-bing of the games surrounded what was a rather sedate and deeply pure entrance into a meditative state. One of internali...

Stillness is an art, a challenge, a marathon,An elusive quality to strive for. Life’s distractions are simpler,Busy-ness, activities, filling the diary,Padding the mind with the next thing to do. The white noise of chatterExternalises focus, Like the buzz...

Thanksgiving—The Mourning After

A man reflects upon Thanksgiving from the turkey’s point of view.

My knees began to wobbleas I heard your final gobbleand the ax came down and severed off your head.I knew you had a brotherand a father and a motherbut I chose to see you just as food instead.It must be so unnervingknowing you will be a servingand that be...

Meditation on an Amethyst

Connecting with an Amethyst

MEDITATION ON AN AMETHYST Sparkling Thrusting Jagged Symmetrical I am here strong and powerful Discovered from my protective covering Here to give beauty Strength and healing. Tune into my prisms. The storms may rage The sun may shine The snow may fall An...