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I Tried to Help

I feel like I've been picked up and thrown.

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She comes to school,

Hasn't eaten for five days,

I push food to her,

What the fuck else do you

expect me to do?

She doesn't accept,

Says thanks, but she's not hungry,

I look at her, face plainly saying,

What's wrong?

Do you expect me to know,

when she won't give me any clues?

So she passed out,

Her own fucking fault,

I can't do anything about it,

She won't let me,

You make her eat if you're

so fucking worried about her.

I understand, she's out because of

creepy monsters chasing her

and everything getting to her,

but why the hell don't her parents do


I also understand that I was going behind her back,

so you were mad at me,

She'd have found out.

She needs help with this one,

and I don't mean just you.

I see how much you love her,

I know how much time you spend with her,

I see how much she loves you,

So if you love her so much,

Why don't you let her get help?

I know how I've messed up,

I realize some of the things I've said,

weren't the right things to say,

But once stuff is said you can't take it back,

And once it's done you can't undo it,

You don't need to shove it in my face.

I hate this whole damned situation,

Some days, I wish I'd never met her,

And then I feel guilty, it's not her fault,

It's not just hard on her,

It hurts so fucking much to watch this,

I can't do a goddamned thing,

And I tried to help...

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