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Invisible Girl

"For those who have hated me."
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I’m the girl nobody knows,
Can you tell?
If I disappeared, could you tell?
I feel as though I’m dead sometimes,
As if nobody cares about me.
I may be just one simple girl,
But I could change someone’s life.
If only they would see that,
But if I died, would you cry?
Would you even notice?
Would you even care?
But I’ll just sit here and watch,
Like always, waiting and sighing,
Can I even get a hug?
But who would want to do that…
I mean I look so bad,
Does everyone hate me?
The way I dress is only the outside.
I may look dirty or gothic,
But how could you know if you don’t know me?
Revenge can’t be as sweet as it seems,
And what revenge could you get on me?
What did I do to deserve this spurn?
Does screaming in your ear help you to understand?
Does anyone even care anymore about anybody?
This outside you see is nothing…
Nothing at all…
It's only part of what the government requires, clothes,
So if you’re going to judge me by the clothes I wear,
Please do, I mean, really who needs you?
Or are you just like me, human?
You know what… I’m not so invisible anymore,
I’m going to stand up for myself now,
Thanks for the confidence.
I smirk at your mistakes and mine,
I didn’t ruin my life with drugs and sex,
I made sure I stayed away from those things,
But sure nobody’s perfect.
You may never love me as a person,
But I never loved you as a person either!
So HAHA! You can go on living you’re screwed up life
I’ll live mine the way I’ve been living,
Safe and secure!

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