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Over 90 days ago
United States


Let me explain myself. Most people call me Cat for short so every time I hear it I turn. I'm a nice girl just trying to get by and have a great relationship with someone along the way. Many things have happened to me in life. Like losing my brother and learning about many things I could possibly get from my genes. I try my hardest to make someone happy and if I need to I will not talk to them anymore. If I could go back to when I was 5 I would be so much happier, and I'd change alot about myself. I'm a bigger girl and I hate it so you'll probably hear me say "I'm fat and ugly" if you get to know me. Please don't be rude to me, I'm very sensitive. Giving up is never the way to go but if its the only way out and you feel trapped then so be it. You can keep going on living like nothing is ever going to get better or you could try your best to keep going on with what you got. I've learned that you can't always change someones view on something but you can surely try to give them another way to look at it.

Chatting on the computer and playing Sims 3.

Favorite Books
I don't really read.

Favorite Authors
I don't know because I don't read =p

Favorite Movies
I like Comedies and Horrors.

Favorite Music
I like rock and some other heavy stuff.
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That is true depression and anxiety...

It's like the world is crashing around me I'm drowning and suffocating under my own breath Like reaching for a branch that isn't there Only to be plunged back under the water Swirling around in circles All the while telling myself everything will be okay...

You tear me down You build me upCan anything make sense again?I try to scream Scream for help I got nowhereYour hand doesn't reachI curl to a ballThen an arm comes around meI become whole againAll I needed was someone to sayI'm There For You


You just stand, watching, waiting…

Falling from the skyFloating slowly downSo white, so lightCold like iceMaking us warm insideGracefully fallingFalling on your faceMelting fast on your skinLike ice on a warm summer dayKnowing only one thingStanding there looking up in the skySlowly wonder...