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It's all right

"Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter"

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5:30 this morning as I stood in the dark, I could see Venus, as she was following the last quarter of the moon across a crystal sky.

The darkness of night being quickly consumed by a new rising sun, bringing promise of a clear sunny day.

An old Beatles song began playing in my mind. "Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
and I say it's all right."

I couldn't help daydreaming about Spring and wrote down what I was seeing, nature is awe inspiring.

Venus, pursuing moon through the dawning grey.
Darkness waning, clear morning soon on the way.
Here comes the sun, going to chase Venus away.
Leaving Luna to dance across blue skies today.

Spewing strands of gold, kissing the hillside strong.
Emblazoned trees top to bottom, casting shadows long.
Thermometer reads a chilling -22, I still hear the song.
Beatles singing inside my head, they can't be wrong.

Little darling, warmth soon will melt the snow away.
Blossoming fresh flowers, can brighten up each day.
Breezes caress green grasses, as they dance and sway.
Winter now forgotten, smelling Springs new bouquet.

Written by CKAcres
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