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Arbour Games [S2] – A Fuel Story

As the fandom enjoy the return of PPV, we take a glimpse into the private life of the Club President

27th of September – Season 2 When Angela Moodley matriculated, she never dreamed in a million years that she would be involved in something like this. After all, back then she'd simply been Angela Mabaso: the typical "it" girl who was far more interested...

Housing Shortage

Hunting for a new apartment is a hassle for everyone

One couple arrived at the residence. They hoped to find a perfect place to raise a family. It wasn't to be. Another couple had been quicker. They were there earlier and, so, they got first pick on available housing. The lucky couple's kind was abundant in...

Halloween Hi-jinks and other ramblings.

A few thoughts on Halloween in New Zealand.

Halloween isn't widely celebrated in New Zealand. It's more of an American thing, but I have noticed that now it is slowly starting to catch on over here. The local Plaza now stock Halloween costumes, and not just for children, as I have seen in previous...


It's A Dog's Life

A few thoughts over coffee

It's sunny this morning. No, really, it is. It's one of those rare spring days where the sun is managing to melt away the candy-floss haze, leaving behind glorious clear, blue skies. Coffee in hand, I'm in my garden, plopped on a bench. It's bright enough...

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Starting Anew

This was written for "The Year Of The Poet March 2016" on Inner Child Press...

Flowers bloom, the Winter thaw, Outside the songbirds sing. With the arrival of the bluebirds, I know that it is Spring. But listening to the bird’s songs, And watching the flowers bloom. I can’t but help myself, For feeling a certain gloom. For I find my...

The slow moving wind sweeps the silent valley Fresh cut grass clippings dance by. Vivid blue sky With just a few wispy clouds Off in the distance. The close line is set up Fresh washed sheets wave hello A tub with chilling water sits close A splash and sl...

Watching the rain spattering on the panes Hearing the thunder in the distance It is the sound of hope At last. Soon the crocuses and the daffodilsWill burst through the fecund soil And the gardens will bloomOnce more. Sitting in the theater while they dan...

It's all right

Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter

Prologue: 5:30 this morning as I stood in the dark, I could see Venus, as she was following the last quarter of the moon across a crystal sky. The darkness of night being quickly consumed by a new rising sun, bringing promise of a clear sunny day. An old...