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Tears and Rain

Sometimes a song can say it so much better.

Every raindrop from the skytouching this desiccated earth. Brings fresh verve, causing a sigh.Damping a place, so flowers grow. Like every teardrop from her eye,touches this bruised parched heart. Sowing seeds to make her garden grownever meaning to cause...

Darling, Kiss Me

Through my mind my life is flowing

This poem may be sung using the music of "La Complainte du Partisan" ("The Partisan"), a song about the French Resistance in World War II. The song was written in 1943 in London by Emmanuel d'Astier de la Vigerie (lyrics) and Anna Marly (music). It has be...

Work and Fun

But everybody's like Crystal, Maybach, Diamonds on your timepiece,Jet planes, Islands, tigers on...

...a gold leash. We don't care... We aren't caught up in your love affair. And we'll never be royals. It's just not in our blood, that kinda lux just ain't for us." ~Lorde, Royals.I cycle down the road, stare at the trailers and mobile homes. People walk...

Let's have a block wide party,Let's make it harder this way. Don't let them feed their egos,Trolling is stopped for today. Distasteful preening creaturesFlouncing and prancing about,Always leave traces of prideNever betraying a doubt. Let's have a block w...

Don't Care

My uncle is gonna help put guitar to it so I can go to a music producer

(First verse) I never understood your reasoning to make me feel worthless I never understood what went through your mind every time you weren't there  Did you ever stop and think before you acted See how this would have affected me (Chorus)  Why don't you...

It's all right

Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter

Prologue: 5:30 this morning as I stood in the dark, I could see Venus, as she was following the last quarter of the moon across a crystal sky. The darkness of night being quickly consumed by a new rising sun, bringing promise of a clear sunny day. An old...

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Wish You Were Here

From when I was still in my long distance relationship... Song quotes by Avril Lavigne...

"I can be tough,I can be strong,But with youit's not like thatat all...There's a girlwho gives a shit,Behind this wall,You just walk through it." I have walls... They're up at school and in front of my family and some of my friends, but I can't seem to ke...