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"Mercy isn't just for God"
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Do you hear her scratching?
 As you rest upon your bed?
Do you hear her whining?
As your nightly dreams descend?

She rises on her hind legs,
 Pawing at your door.
Lonely and forgotten,
 Unknowing why she is ignored.

Did you throw her ball today?
Or did you watch the set?
She loves you all the same, you know,
So why do you neglect?

She is just dog, you say,
She will be just fine.
What matter does it make, tonight?
 If she must sit and whine? 

Have you ever bothered asking,
As you pray to Him,
Why He should listen from his throne,
When your future feels so grim?

Do you blame Him for your troubles?
Your pained and restless soul?
Do you feel neglected?
When you’re all alone?

What kind of God would do that?
To leave his charge so sad?
Does it make you angry?
Does it make you mad?

Yet, your dog will love you
All the same, with a wagging tail
She doesn’t know why you left
 But her love will never fail.

So perhaps you should ask yourself,
Are you worthy of this dog?
Perhaps a better question is
Are you worthy of your God?






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