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Mercy isn't just for God

Do you hear her scratching? As you rest upon your bed?Do you hear her whining?As your nightly dreams descend? She rises on her hind legs, Pawing at your door.Lonely and forgotten, Unknowing why she is ignored. Did you throw her ball today?Or did you watch...

Staring up into the night sky stars Little points of light, shining in the darkness Tiny and small, yet grand and majestic Too far to ever reach, too present to possibly ignore Each point completely alone, yet all interwoven in time and space Taken each o...

It's immense, overwhelmingly immense. I'm in the Atlantic Ocean, somewhere halfway between La Gomera and Tenerife, floating, with diving mask, snorkel and fins. Although I'm not alone in the water and there's a zodiac somewhere nearby, I feel small, insig...

Verbose dialogues of a Loser

Darkness and light exist as dipoles only on the pages of a dictionary.

The turbulent skies disintegrated into multicolored layers. The parade of unfurling hues enveloped my empty vessel as I lay crouched against the wall in my veranda. My face betrayed a myriad of emotions to the nothingness beside as a crescent smile sliced...

Leap of Faith

Inspired by an evening of fun on a trampoline

Perspective is changedfrom the upside downtumbling, spinningnothing seems the same.We strive for normal,feet firmly plantedyet we power as highas we think we can go.We launch our bodiestowards the heavensaround we go, head over heelsonly to fall back down...


Social perspective on colour

See me, feel me, fear me. Here, there, everywhere. Spectrum of perception radiates the environment.I am melanin, skin, I am prejudice. Reflection of judgement. Red is dead, black is slack. White is not right. Brown not around. Yellow everyone’s transgress...