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Me, Me

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I was so young when I had those thoughts 

"I'm ugly." 

I looked at the stretch marks and the acne, and I wouldn't pick out one thing that I liked

I saw my thighs and envied the girls with thigh gaps 

I saw my lips and wanted them to be fuller 

My hips were too wide 

My hands were too small

My eyes weren't a pretty color 

I hated my nose

My face was way too red 

And I couldn't stand the way that I laughed 

One day I was looking in the mirror 

All my flaws very apparent 

For the first time, I didn't focus on what I hated

I saw my stretch marks, and I knew they make me, me

My acne is who I am 

With makeup 

I'm beautiful 

Without makeup

I'm beautiful 

With a thigh gap or without a thigh gap I was still me 

My lips were perfect for my face 

My hips filled out my jeans in just the right way 

My hands fit perfectly in his like they were meant to be with each other 

My eyes shone brightly when I smiled 

My face always looked like I was blushing 

I didn't need blush 

No one in the world laughed the way I did 

All of this makes me unique 

All of this makes me, me



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