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Over 90 days ago
United States


Like my name says, I'm living a horror. I'll always be here for my friend no matter what. No matter how much I hurt I won't turn my back on anyone. If you need someone to be there for you then I'm here. Message me I'll try my best to help.

Music music and more music. I also love writing.

Favorite Books
you're on the other side

Favorite Authors
Don't have one.

Favorite Movies
Divergent wins all c:

Favorite TV Shows

Favorite Music
Music! Falling in reverse, bring me the horizon, sleeping with sirens, pierce the veil, black veil brides, asking Alexandria. All amazing bands.
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I was always scared    I never knew what direction to go in   Fearing what lies ahead and how someone would treat me    Scared of love and passion    It could be from past experiences    Well it is from past experiences but I hate to admit that    I’d lik...

They say that happiness is a choice  I don't recall ever saying I don't want to be happy  If happiness is a choice, doesn't that mean that depression is too?  When standing in the line, I don't remember ever saying "yeah I decided I don't wanna see the li...

Some days are worse than othersBut just the same, some days are better than othersAnd when there not a lot goes through my mind I feel like I'm not enough Or like what I do won't make a differenceI feel like my world falls apart and every single turn I ta...