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My dear Lady

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My dearest Lady Honour
With the wreaths of laurel in your hair
Show me the cards that you hold so close to your chest
Tell me your secrets so that I may know you all the better
Let me show you how, where other men have failed and fallen by the wayside
My dearest honourable maiden

My sweetest Lady Charity
With the basket full of fancies
Show me the generosity that others have failed to unlock
Tell me how kind you are so that I may know your true wealth of spirit
Let me show you my generous passions so that we may bask in the glow together
My sweetest charitable maiden

My golden Lady Fortune
With the smile of youthful wealth
Show me your triumph so that I may learn from your vast fountain of knowledge
Tell me your serendipitous gift, so that I may join you in Olympus
Let me see your inner flame so that I may near the light
My golden fortunate maiden

My angelic Lady Kindness
With the gift I so desire
Show me to your temple so that I may give thanks at its altar
Tell me your whispered thoughts so that I may understand the better
Let me show you my secret, and why I am down here and you up there
My angelic kind maiden

My dear sweet Lady
Queen of hearts
Show me how you manage to be the sweetest wine, yet also the tartest vinegar
Tell me how you manage to be a sweet lady, yet a sometimes cruel mistress
Let me be the key to your desire, so that I may unlock your hidden passions
My honourable, charitable, fortunate, angelic, kind, sweet maiden

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