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My Fantasy

"In my fantasy world everything is perfect, opening my eyes to reality, I pretend to forget the past."
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Published 6 years ago

Evocative, redolent thoughts
spread through out my mind,
as I stare at images played.

Carrying me to a fantasy-land,
laying naked in the moon light,
draped together under the stars.

Only a navaho blanket between us,
the meadow grass and flowers.
Soft breezes caressing our skin.

Fingers exploring gooseflesh,
like the blind reading braille,
accelerating breaths and coos.

Whiffs of fresh air and fauna,
mixed with sizzling lust,
nostrils filled with passion.

Fire raining from the sky,
wishing on each fallen star,
for a freedom never felt.

Knowing the others desires,
hearing every heart beat,
sharing each thirsty breath.

Locked together by the heart,
soul mates, forever honest.
Only wishing the other happiness.

Sharing totally, without strings.
Understanding genuine freedom,
singing harmoniously in concert.

Never needing to tether,
bound only by acceptance
and unselfish, tolerant, love.

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