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My Stalker

"You will get caught."
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Published 5 years ago
I can't rest because you're there
You're my stalker who knows me
I know you watch me everywhere
I wish you'd just leave me be

I never asked for this attention
Your presence gives me chills
This causes me lots of tension
I now need to take lots of pills

What is it about me that you like
Is it the way that I dress
I'm really afraid when you'll strike
My life now is an absolute mess

I told the police you know
They're watching my calls
I have now reached a total low
My life has now just stalled

Do you like me to be scared
Do you think this is fun
I always have to be prepared
I just pray soon you'll be done

I pray to God that you'll leave
I didn't ask for any of this
Your presence makes me grieve
This is really quite sick and not bliss

Are you going to really hurt me
I have nightmares all the time
Please will you go away
Stalking is a real crime

Eventually you shall get caught
You'll go straight to jail
Eventually we'll go to court
Your presence will then be unveiled

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