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Afraid Stories


Where Am I

Where am I?

As I sleep you found me there You offered your hand to help me out I'm asleep and don't really care Not sure what this is about Flowers around me are pink The flowers are all in bloom Not really sure what to think This is a really weird room You're carryi...

My Stalker

You will get caught.

I can't rest because you're there You're my stalker who knows me I know you watch me everywhere I wish you'd just leave me be I never asked for this attention Your presence gives me chills This causes me lots of tension I now need to take lots of pills Wh...

Afraid of the unknown Dancing at twilight Red moon above Lonely and Alone Entering danger Quiet peace gone Giggles exciting Darkening clouds Lightening flashes Ocean line high Getting up Fear no more Hearts desire Freedom To the unknown Running away

The ball’s in your court

You, sir, have made me the most fortunate and unlucky girl in this frightening big blue marble

My mind is like a giant wool ball. Every time I make the effort of unravelling it, I end up with a few persistent knots I never seem able to undo. I am quite stubborn myself and I can’t help overanalysing situations when something specific is hovering aro...

Bite the Hand that Feeds Youwhen they come in the darkest part of the nightwill you tremble and hide yourself from his viewwill you stay on your knees as they take your neighbor will you join in calling them outWhyis it they look different than you and yo...