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My world is gone.

My eyes start to open and I see mama standing there.
As everything become clear, I keep wondering why I'm there.
Mama has tears rolling down her face,
And I notice that scared hurt lost look in her face.

I have this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.
Mama comes over, and kisses my forehead and puts a hand on my stomach.
“Why am I here?” I ask mama.
“Where is Emily?” I ask mama.

She looks at me, with those deep blue eyes,
and I notice the tears coming to her eyes.
“Mama please tell me what is going on.”
Thinking to myself, and wishing someone would tell me what was going on.

Mama looks into my eyes, and tells me that she loves me,
She reasures me that everything will be okay and she is here for me.
All I want is for her to tell me what has happened.
She takes a deep breath and informs me as to what has happened.

“What do mean, Emily's gone?” I ask her.
“She was just here,” I tell her.
The water in my eyes starts to burn,
Soon the tears are falling, and my heart starts to burn.

Sitting there in my hospital bed, unsure as to how to feel.
Tears in my eyes, pain in my heart, not liking how this feels.
My world has come crashing down, now that my Emily is gone,
My life has come to an end now that my world is gone.

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