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Night Child

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Searching in the low light,
Twisting on the needles,
Head spinning,
Tongue swelling,
Hands trembling,
Heart aching,
Eyes all grainy sleepy and
I cannot drift away.

Memories melting in the shadowed
Cylinder of sod off,
Churning in the bronzing gold
And swirling past my nose,
Faces laughing,
Shoulders hunching,
Fingers clawing,
Legs twinging,
Eyes all bleary sandy
And I cannot switch me off.

Brightening the day light,
Dimming down the fairy light,
Butter wings not flying far
Or sliding down the forest path,
With snowflakes soaking,
Fire dying,
Autumn groaning,
Neck snapping,
Eyes all heavy-hearted
And I cannot run away.

Voices growing harsher
In the rising of the world's birth
Where whispers rush to screeching
And the screaming higher still
To the mountains shaking louder
Where the clouds are roiling thunder in the
Head thrashing,
Soul screaming,
Heart shredding,
Blood gushing,
Weight thumping,
Brain tearing,
Teeth pulling,
Ear bleeding,
Drug-empty body that just
Will not

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