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Nowhere Boulevard

"The road home can break a heart."

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Four twenty, Sunday afternoon

Baking heat, it’s late in June

Abandoned in sad clouds of dust

Left by departing Greyhound bus


Besieging desolation follows me

This ghost town place of memories

I’d broke off young, just seventeen

For things I saw in magazines


Now here I am, back on Nowhere Boulevard


In beaten boots and ragged jeans,

Empty pockets and black Ramones tee

A once pretty girl comes up to me

Her battered heels and scabby knees


Hey Mister got a dollar she asked

As I walked on she drifted past

The truths you find behind the lies

Like all those dreams that slowly die


Dreams die on Nowhere Boulevard


Pawn shop window, tired glass

And leaning where I saw it last

My Gibson Les Paul, broken strings

I’d breathed the blues I’d made her sing


Against emotion, lost the fight

Memories ache of a star-swept night

Emma and her swaying hips

That smile and her bee-stung lips


A last kiss dropped unanswered on Nowhere Boulevard


The corner bar looks just the same

Battered boards all faded gray

The tired neon sputters blue

Nothing else much here to do


In tall neck bottles, drown their thoughts

Down here life always seems for naught

They stagger home in bleak despair

Instead to fight their demons there


Blows echo in the silence on Nowhere Boulevard


Brown straw of a sun-parched lawn

A sudden fear she might be gone

Creaking steps beneath my feet

Followed by a screen door screech


She sat there in a faded dress

Tearstained eyes, mascara mess

I think I loved her most just then

Her happiness a brave pretend


The wounds lie hard on Nowhere Boulevard


She trembled a defiant smile

Had Hope always been this fragile?

Time shattered on cracked plaster walls

Emm’ you never took my calls


And all this time that I’ve been gone

I always knew you were the one

Her head shook slow in false rebuff

But hearts both knew quite well enough


Sometimes everything you lost, is found on Nowhere Boulevard


I held a tiny bottle, inside volcanic sand

Kissed her mouth so tender as I took her hand

Her eyes held mine, a silent trust

I filled her palm with pixie dust


We’re all diamonds, you know it’s truth.

This isn’t what I promised you

It’s time we both just walked away

Love always finds another way


And we got nothing left to lose

‘Cos there ain’t nothing here for us

There ain’t nothing here, on Nowhere Boulevard


Written by Anonymous
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