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The Artist

When your partner doesn't want commitment

You decided the end of our story before we could write it Robbing us of a maybe, stealing our possibility Opting out of responsibility My love has chosen a misfit   You wrote our entire album before a tune was hummed, Playing with my heart like a melody A...


Unsaid Words

A letter to the most special person, that will never reach him!

Woke up with the thought of the dilemma that segregated us apart. I felt as if the needles are piercing on my feeble heart. I jotted down everything with a beautiful prospect that my pure thoughts and fondness will bring you back. But, I deleted everythin...


Am I not Alone?

Another Perspective of Loneliness..

Straddling in a secluded room. Scrolling through social media sites, I caught glimpses of my mates sharing pictures together with captions "My roomie"," My constant". I attempted to be social, I am implicated with many clubs and groups. I talk with people...


Terrainer – Diaries

A woman looks for her place at the end of the world.

  Dear Bryce, I've come to realize, three things that should never be withheld from being said are, "Please," "Thank you," and, "I'm sorry." Please, don't take this letter the wrong way.  This isn't an attempt to reestablish contact with you or rekindle o...


My stepfather

Such two speeches cannot wait: I LOVE YOU and I AM SORRY. Elsewise...

When I was only six and my younger brother was two, our father passed away. Since then, my mother and we were dependent upon each other. Our days were difficult. My mother had to work very hard to keep our family together. The income was just enough to co...

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Nowhere Boulevard

The road home can break a heart.

Four twenty, Sunday afternoon Baking heat, it’s late in June Abandoned in sad clouds of dust Left by departing Greyhound bus   Besieging desolation follows me This ghost town place of memories I’d broke off young, just seventeen For things I saw in magazi...


To The Eternity

We regret, repent and remorse only when we have lost exhaustively.

I gaze at you taciturnly all of a sudden. Expecting to see the geniality eyes again with which makes me feel so warm. The day before we reunite in the endless journey, I will evermore cherish the memory of you. The reminiscence of the difficulties we had...


Forget Me Forever

This poem is from the point of view of a man having no choice but to break up with his ladylove.

We both know that letting her go would be heartbreaking for us but there really is no way not even for one whole day to stay with her and keep loving. I am sorry, my darling flower. Forget me forever.


If I were for REAL

Life should be as colorful as the rainbow... Please remember you are your only painter. alwayssss

If the water can return, take me away please!If the water can take in, it will never grieve!Someone admires you streaming freely!I wish to swap with you, then I can run capricious!If the water were I, it would weep for sure!If I were the water, I would ne...


The infatuation love is caused the entire life with regrets

It takes hundred of years sitting together in the same boat. It takes thousand of years.......

Love is like a string of dreams.It is all empty when awaken.Perhaps I was born to be that much sentimental.Thus, I am teased by love.The dream we are chasing after is vanished as time pass by.We comprehend that love is out of our control completely,only w...

My Parachute

You were my parachute.

You were my parachute,Always opening, rescuing mejust before I hit the ground.  Now, it seemsI am free fallingNothing is catching me this time. When will I hit the ground? You were my whiskey,When I had nothing but a needSo it seems,even whiskey goes bad....