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One with the Horses

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Published 8 years ago
She likes to run with the horses in the pasture.
As the wind blows through their manes,
She feels it blow gently through hers.
She can feel the ground vibrate
From their hooves trampling the land
Where they roam and graze
As freely as they can.

She loves to hear the horses neighing
As they sing their nature song.
She joins with her own call of the wild
That makes her one of them
Running gracefully in the breeze
Bowing and dancing tenderly
Making her feel so at ease.

She gallops along side the horses whinnying
Their tales of freedom to each other.
She knows exactly just what they are saying
As she trods along in sync
To their musings she surely understands
And knows their every feeling
Thanks to their common band.

The horses embrace her every move
For they know she is one of them,
If only for a little while.
One by one, they nudge her with their noses
An accepting gesture on their part
And when they bow their heads,
She knows what's in their hearts.

She runs with the horses where they make their home.
The wind blows softly through their manes
As it gently blows through hers.
The safe haven of the ground vibrates
From their hooves pounding upon the land
Where her and the horses together,
Find freedom's stand.

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