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Growing Up Ranch Chapter 11 Horsey Tales. My growing up ranch was quite unusual even in its day. The reason was we were one of the few ranches that worked our cattle exclusively with horses. These “beasts of burden” became friends and companions, each wit...

Despite being a city born and raised child, I have always loved horses. Maybe it was all the adventures of The Lone Ranger, Roy Rodgers, and Zorro that I watched that had this effect on me. Anyway, I have always loved horses and looked forward to the day...

It's a Snake!!!

Oh Horse Feathers!

Our horse herd was managed in three parts. We kept two small bunches in near pastures for riding, while a third bunch was allowed to roam the far pastures and was brought in only when we needed extra horses as pack horses or a working team. Brood mares al...


Thorns: Ch 6

Something is wrong, Something has always been wrong.

As soon as dinner ended, I excused myself quickly. I needed to be alone or with Aqua. The pestering feeling deepened and I felt guilty, though I had no clue why. I did something wrong, something felt horribly wrong. I made it safely to the stables. The ra...

She likes to run with the horses in the pasture. As the wind blows through their manes, She feels it blow gently through hers. She can feel the ground vibrate From their hooves trampling the land Where they roam and graze As freely as they can. She loves...

The Mexican Village

A man overpowers a wild horse.

The merciless heat turned the earth to dust, kicked up by the horses and mingled with the sweat of his audience, men increasingly inebriated. He approached the bare backed stallion which kicked and flailed around. The smells around me overpowered; roastin...

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The Coral

An English woman finds out what life is like in a small pueblo in Mexico

“What’s happening in San Andres today?" Claire asked. "It's the patron saints day of the pueblo, Sand Andres de la Cal."  "Take us with you this time," Claire pleaded. “I want to show the girls the washing troughs and shower room you had built.” “It's not...