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Perhaps something small

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Today I feel like writing
Perhaps something small
My mind is clear and my heart content
Slow, deep breaths I take, calming the body and soul
There's this sensation within, an over-whelming joy
As I stare at Nature's Garden, surrounded by the lake
There are trees and there are roses and even butterflies.
What a sight it is to see.
All of Natures Garden
I am so happy to be me.
The birds are singing a song of love
They glide with the wind from up above.
Today I feel like writing
Perhaps something small
The rays of the sun caress my skin and I am happy to be me.
Sunset now brings darkness
I see the eyes of creatures
That only come out at night.
The rays departing further away from this tiny little spot
I hear them growl as they begin to prowl.
Today I feel like writing
Perhaps something small.
Now I'm cold and shivering and my heart is racing
I'm not happy to be me.
I'm paralyzed with fear
As the evil, dark creatures come ever so near
I hear them from behind as I turn my cheek to see
Before I do I hear them sniff the scent of me.
Today I don't feel like writing
Not even something small.
There are monsters behind me and,
I'm a bit late for dinner, so
I shall devour them all

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