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Sand Lady

"The little boy and the Sand Lady"
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Beautiful like the morning mist,
She was born in sand dunes amidst.
The sand woman with sand carved features,
One that would lead astray any mortal creature.

She would guide lost travelers in the desert,
And bring them back on tracks reverse.

And as time passed by,
The sand particles from her face would fly.
The once carved features were to be rounded and how,
Yet the smiles and wrinkles on her face remained proud.

One day a little boy passing by,
Saw the sand lady cover her face and weep and cry.
Why do you cry my lady? he asked.
She said, ‘The particles are flying away from me
And soon there will be no sand lady for you to see.
Who will then bring back lost travelers passing by,
And bring them back to their journey?
Because if it remains so I am soon going to die.’

Hearing this the boy began to cry,
And wished he could do something,
To save the sand lady and not let her die.

He prayed to both heaven and hell,
And hoped one of them could answer him,
And solution to the problem tell.

He prayed and cried his eyes out,
Till the one he was praying to,
Paid attention and found a way about.

And so his prayers and tears,
Both were blessed,
and a fountain was formed in the desert amidst.

The sand lady drenched in that rain,
renewed again and lost her pain.
She thanked the little boy,
For the miracle he had done,
And blessed him to be a mighty king on day some.

And travelers from across,
Found a tavern amidst all loss.
And in that desert sun,
They drank from that fountain and left quite done.
For the rest of the journey that awaited them,
They braced it all with fear none.

And what happened to that boy? you ask.
Well that’s another story,
And quite a task,
Because his story is too long,
And I have moments few,
But well…I tell you,
Mighty king he did become one.


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