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A tumbleweed blown in the wind...... I walk to the beat of my heartbeat............and every mile I travel .........and everything I see ...........and everything that I thus heartfelt......and becomes me.........Milee

The Human Factor

Favorite Books
To Kill a Mockingbird : Jonathan Livingston Seagull : The Alchemist : The Fountainhead : .....and there always are folklores, fairy tales, comics & more of course.....

Favorite Authors
Harper Lee : Amrita Pritam : Richard Bach : Paulo Coelho : Ayn Rand

Favorite Movies
Old Hindi movies...and also those featuring Audrey Hepburn and Tom Hanks
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Mere Humans

Encountered another universal truth today

Emotions augment survival. Any intense emotion stems from the desire to rid the self from something else. There is no permanent emotion, only a permanent interest exists. Alas, we are born humans : 'the thinking animal', our innocence is lost when we open...

The new you

Being born from pain and struggle into peace.

Some of us are incapable of showing our disappointments, when trust is broken. Maybe because of the shock factor the heart and mind goes numb. Hollowness fills the being and there is complete silence. The sense of happenings around are overpowered by the...

The Soul Reader

The soul reader's ultimate 'un sub'

There was this man, who could read, souls battered, unhappy and free. He was gifted with vision from the Gods, and he was to manifest them into rewards. It was painful in the beginning to see, the sad side of human misery. The sadness so deep it marked th...